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Cooking Corner

Chicken Nuggets

1/2                kg chicken boneless (chopped)
1/2                Tsp black pepper
1                   Tsp gralic paste
1                   Tsp salt
1                   Onion (small and chopped)
1/2                Cup Plain flour
1                   Cup Bread crumbs
1                   Egg
                     Oil for deep frying

Add chicken pieces in a pot. Then add garlic paste, black pepper, onion and salt in it. Mix well. Add this meat mixture in chopper to mince it. Put in fridge for a while. Make small nugget shapes from the meat. Coat them in plain flour. Beat an egg. Dip in egg and then coat in bread crumbs. Heat some oil in a pan. Deep fry the nuggets. Serve hot with fries and tomato ketchup.

Funky Ice Lolly

3                     Tbsp Orange juice powder
2                     Cups Water
1                     Tbsp red sharbat
2                     Tbsp sugar powder
4                     Crushed ice

In a juicer, pour chill water, orange juice powder, red sharbart, sugar and blend it. Add crushed ice and blend again. Pour the mixture in ice-cream stcik cups and freeze it for a day. Take it out after a day and enjoy the tasty homemade ice lolly.