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Cooking Corner

Chicken Wings in Lemon Sauce

1kg        Chicken wings
60ml      Soya sauce
60ml      Water
5g          Ginger powder
2            Cloves garlic (crushed)
60ml       Lemon juice

Place chicken wings in a 3-litre casserole dish. Mix together remaining ingredients and pour on chicken wings. Keep the marinated chicken in refrigerator for 45 minutes. Cook, covered on MEDIUM-HIGH in oven for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the chicken is tender. Serve hot with rice.

Green Masala Chicken

1kg            Chicken boneless (cut into small pieces)
1 cup         Coriander leaves
10-12        Green Chilies
2               Small tomato
2               Small onion
1               Tsp ginger (chopped)
2               Tsp garlic (chopped)
1               Tbsp of garam masala powder
1               Lemon juice
1               Tsp salt
1/2            Cup yogurt
                 Oil for frying

Grind all the ingredients except chicken and lemon. Let the ground paste be thick but not too much thin as well. Squeeze the water content from chicken pieces. Mix the ground masala to chicken . Add salt as per taste. Squeeze lemon. Keep the chicken fridge for marinating for about 5-6 hours for best result. Now deep fry the chicken in oil. In a deep pan add the leftover masala with little water and yogurt, boil it for 2 minutes. Once fried add all the chicken to the gravy serve hot with green salad and naan.