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Cooking Corner - Eid Special

On Eid, impress your family by making sweet dishes and win heart of your beloved ones.

Kheer (Rice Pudding)

120         g short grain rice
340         ml hot boiling water
900         ml milk
               pinch salt
60           g granulated sugar
10-15     ml rose water
3             g cardamom, ground
               honey for garnish (optional)

Rinse rice and place in a casserole dish with boiling water. Cook covered, for 10 minutes in microwave on MEDIUM-HIGH or until water is absorbed. Stir in milk, add salt and cook on MEDIUM-HIGH in microwave for 20 minutes stirring after every 3 minutes until pudding is thick. Take care that it does not scroch. Add sugar, rose water and cardamom. Mix well. Serve warm or chilled in small bowls garnished with honey.

Seviyan Ki Zarda

400       gms good quality vermicelli
6           Tbsp sugar
2           Cups water
             Few drops rose essence
1           Tsp pista (cut fine)
2           Tbsp chironji
1/2        Tsp elaichi powder
3           Tbsp ghee

Method: Fry the seviyan in ghee till nice and brown, then set aside. Add sugar to the water and heat. Cook to 1 thread consistently before adding essence and elaichi. Pour the sugar syrup over the seviyan and cook till dry and tender.Sprinkle nuts and chironji before serving.