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Pepquinos - World's Smallest Watermelon

We all have eaten the watermelon. But this fruit from South America named pepquinos is the world`s smallest watermelon. It is 3-cm long and 2-cm in diameter. It is 20 times smaller than the regular watermelon.It is basically a ‘micro-cucumber’ that is also very closely related to the melon. They look like regular watermelons but only on the outside, because once sliced, the juicy green flesh of a cucumber is revealed. They also have the crisp fresh taste of cucumbers and usually served in luxury restaurants. It was discovered in 1987 by Dutch company. It is now cultivated in US and Asia available from April until November. It grows in between 60 to 85 days. 16 ounces of Pepquinos cucamelons cost $79. Below was more photos of the world's smallest watermelon named pepquinos.