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Beauty Tips from Watermelon

Watermelons can play a vital role in enhancing your looks. It can act as a natural moisturizer as it is an effective skin toner.

Watermelon Face Pack: 
Try this watermelon face pack to give your face the cool, clean and fresh look.
  • Take one cup of watermelon pulp
  • Apply on face and neck.
  • Rinse face and neck after 15 minutes.
  • Your skin becomes soft and supple.

Watermelon juice protects your skin from sunburns and suntans
Dust and pollution closes the pores of your skin and makes it look dull and dark. For this, use this home remedy. 

  • Prepare a watermelon and cucumber face pack by mixing equal proportions of watermelon and cucumber pulp
  • Leave it on your face for twenty minutes.
  • Just rub watermelon and mint leaves frozen into ice cubes all over the face to open the pores.
  • Your face will be fresh and clean in no time and heals the sunburns and lightens your complexion.
Grated Watermelon Scrub
This pulp is an excellent scrub and leaves your skin glowing. Try it!!!!!
  • Squeeze out the juice from grated watermelon
  • Mix with a pinch of gram flour.
  • Apply the paste on the face
  • Leave it for fifteen minutes.

Watermelon Toner
  • Puree the watermelon chunks in a processor. Strain the liquid.
  • Mix this liquid with 2tbsp witch hazel and 2 tbsp distilled water.
  • Preserve in any glass bottle.

Note: Use the cotton wool when applying watermelon toner